You Have to Start Somewhere

I decided to resume writing here and I'm not sure if I'm going to share it with anyone or if it's just going to be my place to write about the things I'm working on.
I'm writing on the day after I ran my first 5k. I actually walked more than half of it because it completely kicked my ass.
I can say I didn't train enough or hard enough but I can also say that three years ago I could barely manage stairs because of my arthritis + weight. So my goal for yesterday was to DO it, to finish and not come in dead last.
I can honestly say I beat the HELL out of that dude behind me with a limp. I also finished WAY before some ladies who weren't even pretending to run.
At the start I felt like I wasn't really ready but what the hell, I was going to do it anyway. I have to admit I originally didn't really want ANYONE I knew there. I wanted to fail alone, or succeed poorly on my own, whichever is the right thing to say. I just didn't want anyone to see me in case my idiocy was proven, but of course I ended up with not one but TWO friends there. Which actually turned out to be quite awesome.
At about the halfway point I decided fuck it I'm gonna walk. My legs were pretty well bricked and I was pissed off. I'd run almost three for the week before and I hadn't really thought this was gonna be a problem but clearly mother nature had different ideas for my big ass. I was hoping enough people had finished that I'd mosey across the finish line inconspicuously and no one would notice my dumb ass slow time. My family was there, and I knew they were gonna be proud of me, and I was gonna finish so I was proud of me - but I kinda didn't want to call attention.

That's when Angie came running toward me.
Angie is a ball of pure positive energy and she comes running at me screaming "I'm GIZMO I'm GONNA PUSH YOU NOW" referring to another friend of ours. As we came running toward the end she says "What would GIZMO SAY?" I answered "RUN BITCH!!" and then had to run across the finish line as my sweet friend who never swears was yelling "RUN BITCH" at me.

With that, I finished. Angie photographed my first 5k and she and Meagan both ran it in with me. I felt silly, and like a doofus because those two are literally gazelles when they run but at the same time I felt like I'd DONE it.

This was the first one. There are gonna be more and holy crap I definitely couldn't do worse. THERE IS NO WAY I COULD DO WORSE! Unless I was that guy behind me with the limp.

Seriously, I buried that guy.

Afterward we went and had a very heart smart breakfast at Krystal.
Kidding. I ate crap. I also never ate so much in my life. Apparently walking most of a 5k builds up quite an appetite. WHO KNEW?

I'm messing with blog themes for this blog, and this one is temp. Pictured across the top is a bunch of healthy food I would never eat. Enjoy.
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