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Running For Fat Girls

I've been running probably around six months with some sort of effort behind it. I could solidly call all prior efforts half assed efforts. But somewhere in the past I decided to TRY. Yoda wouldn't approve so I don't tell him.
I run about a 20 minute mile when I'm not pushing. I've gotten down to much lower numbers on days when I was really pushing and had been working hard for several days in a row. My numbers are always double digits but I confess to feeling like a damn gazelle when I see I ran a 14 minute mile.

There is kind of a secret about it, that I think a lot of people don't know. It's hard. A good friend of mine runs every day up in Indy about 5am. I told her I just wanted to get to the part of it where I doesn't hurt anymore. Her response? "That never happens, because the goal keeps moving. I'm just happy if I don't puke." That was eye opening. I think in my mind there was some MAGICAL day when I would just NAIL this, when I…

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