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And a Slow Return

I've been doing slower half mile or whole mile walks/wogs around the building at work. What's nice is that our building is actually a perfect half mile around it so it's easy to keep track of your distance and it's all paved.
Returning from pneumonia has proven to be a bitch.
I've not only lost endurance I've lost lung capacity, it's like I forgot how to breathe and that's annoying me. I feel like I lost November which I had planned to be this awesome training month.
The first time post antibiotics I did a half mile and felt kind of. When I got back to my desk thought I was winded.
How frustrating.
My dreams of pushing a ten minute mile before 2018 have dissolved to be sure.
But that's ok. Pneumonia is no joke, people DIE from this shit on a regular basis so I'm not complaining and I know what I have to do to come back. It's just frustrating to be set back.

It's frustrating but it's not THE END.

I planned to do a full 2 miles, down th…

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