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The Grind

I recently have had some moments to reflect on things that went on and I'm slightly annoyed with some people. As I spent last year busting my ass to improve my pace and lose weight get healthy etc, I had this group of people who invited me to come participate in events with them, except they never said "Hey you want to be part of our relay? Hey you want to do this event?" No they signed up for events together as a group never once inviting me. What they did do is invite me to sherpa. Sherpa - if you didn't know, is the person who carries all the gear and makes sure the transition stations for triathletes are set up correctly. 
Not once did I see the insult in this.
I was good enough to carry their gear but not good enough to participate? 
They literally meant that when they invited me to do so. 
When I got done having my feelings hurt about it was right about the time I started my recovery from pneumonia. I decided right there and then, I wasn't gonna carry their…

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