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The Spin

So today I turned 49. I was determined to eat my way indulgently through the day via free food for your birthday which I'll write about elsewhere.

I was also determined to keep myself on target with my workouts. It seems like such a small thing, but spin is something I need work on. I'm not very strong my stamina isn't great. My first class I couldn't get out out of the seat for very long AT ALL.

So today I'm what, three classes in? That's not very much. But even today I felt noticeably stronger. I was able to get up and out of the saddle more, I was able to turn into a bigger gear.

I felt stronger.

That's a good feeling. From being a girl who couldn't take the stairs at all because of a blown out arthritis knee, for a girl who had to sit halfway through the store because of hip and knee pain to be singing along during the attack track, it's like being given a second chance.

I'm not gonna waste it.
I'm 49 and I'm doing great.

If this wer…

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