The Peachtree is Coming

I may not be meant to run early in the morning. I did it Monday and truly I felt a little bit like dying. As if "ME THE PERSON I AM" was having an actual quite serious physical failure while I was out there doing intervals.
I started feeling like my legs were heavy lead weights (just like when I did the 5k) and I was exhausted at about 1 mile. I wanted to do four, so imagine my frustration.  Around mile 2 I started to feel that gagging feeling you see people exhibiting while running real events like Iron Man. That's right, at mile 2 I got the Iron Man Pukes.

Like I was really doing something.

I said fuck it and went back home.

The rest of this week I've been battling EXHAUSTION when I wake up.

So I'm gonna go run tonight and try to find it within myself to really start friggin training for this thing. It's coming. I've got to get ready. I'm legitimately worried about my ability to do it and I don't know why.

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