The Tri-Athletes

Part of my running group is a group of tri-athletes and oddly they're the ones I'm closest to. I'm super envious of their skills and strength, and I guess part of me wishes I could do that too. I mean, WHAT'S NOT TO BE IMPRESSED BY? They're so strong and have this amazing stamina and so when I watch them part of me wants to be like that.
It was hard watching them go off and do their thing and be the one left behind. I want to go too.

I need gear and I need to be stronger, but part of me thinks I could do this. I am getting stronger. One of the girls who does these tris told me that my PACE running is actually faster than hers.

How can that be true?

Because some how I've fallen into this group of the most inclusive endurance athletes on the planet. They make me feel welcome and like they love having me around and it's an amazing feeling. I guess maybe because I never thought I'd fit in with these kind of people.

And here I am. Fitting in.

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